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Our Journey

Six years ago, armed with a sewing machine and some basic fabric, we embarked on a journey to explore ways to improve rack space and provide Sailors and Marines with a cozier sleep environment. After dedicating three years to design, material sourcing, fire testing, and manufacturing, we present our patent-pending rack curtains. These curtains boast more fabric, additional pockets, and increased versatility compared to any other navy rack curtain available.

Understanding that Sailors and Marines investing in upgrading their rack space deserve the best, our aim is to ensure everyone using our curtains enjoys a comfortable deployment, allowing them to focus wholeheartedly on their mission.


Curtain Pockets

Experience optimal pocket storage with our meticulously designed rack curtains! Every set of two curtains boasts an impressive 24 pockets, strategically crafted for your convenience. Featuring three white mesh pockets in the upper half for easy access to small items like phones and chargers, the lower half is equipped with three larger spacious pockets suitable for laptops and notebooks. Each large pocket further contains two smaller hidden pockets, perfect for organizing your extra small items.

In staterooms requiring an additional foot panel, indulge in extra functionality with two large pockets and four smaller hidden pockets, ensuring a tailored and organized solution to meet your specific needs.

Elevate your living space with our thoughtfully engineered rack curtains, providing both practicality and sophistication.


Blackout Fabric

At Cruise Curtains, we prioritized blackout efficiency in our design. Our dual layered design ensures maximum darkness for an unparalleled blackout effect. We also provide up to 13 inches of additional fabric, accommodating the storage of larger items without compromising the curtain’s closure. This feature is essential for individuals with non-traditional work hours or those who need to sleep during the day. Our curtains effectively reduce light penetration, aiding in the maintenance of healthy circadian rhythms and enhancing the well-being and productivity of our clients in demanding environments.

Magnetic Closure

In order to enhance the privacy and comfort for our customers, we have integrated a magnetic centerline closure to our curtains. This ensures a secure and seamless seal along the centerline of the curtains, preventing light leaks and maintaining a darkened private space within your rack. It’s not only efficient but easy to use, allowing quick access while ensuring a snug fit when closed. The overlapping magnetic closure will aid in creating your own personal sanctuary to build resilience while underway.

Convenience and Utility

We have added secure loops on each of the main curtain panels. This practical solution for hanging items offers another versatile means for additional organization. Whether it’s hanging a water bottle, a small flashlight, or other personal accessories, we have truly maximized the use of limited space in an efficient and accessible way.


Fire Tested

Fire testing is incredibly important when considering shipboard materials to ensure the safety and well-being of maritime personnel. Given the confined and dynamic nature of the maritime environments, the risk of fire incidents is a critical concern.

Our rack curtains have been tested by an ISO accredited laboratory using the ASTM D6413 test method (see MIL-STD-1623E). The fabric was tested before laundering and after laundering in accordance with AATCC 135 Procedure IIIB.

Product Innovation

By sharing your experiences with us about functionality, design enhancements, and any challenges encountered while using our product, you are providing us valuable information to improve the experience of future customers. We are open to suggesting improvements in materials, proposing alternative features, highlighting areas for enhanced durability, or anything else you can think of! Cruise Curtains is always open to suggestions and feedback for improving our rack curtains as our products evolve.