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Our Journey

Five years ago we set out with a sewing machine and some fabric to figure out how to maximize rack space and give Sailors and Marines a more comfortable sleep environment. The result of three years of design, material sourcing, fire testing, and manufacturing is our patent pending rack curtains with more fabric, more pockets, and more versatility than any other navy rack curtain out there.

We understand that Sailors and Marines who choose to upgrade their rack space are making an investment, and we want everyone who uses our rack curtains to have a comfortable deployment so they can focus on the mission.


Curtain Pockets

Our rack curtains have been designed to maximize pocket storage. A set of two curtains has 24 pockets! There are three white mesh pockets for convenient storage of small items such as phones and chargers. The lower half of the panel has three large pockets that can fit laptops and notebooks. Within each of the three large pockets are two smaller inner pockets for your books and tablets.

For staterooms where an end panel may be needed, an extra 2 large pockets and 4 small inner pockets are available!


Blackout Fabric

Blackout capability was our main focus creating Cruise Curtains. Our curtains are sewn two layers thick for an optimal blackout experience. We include up to 13 inches of extra material to allow for bulky items to be stored without causing separation at the center.

Magnetic Closure

Magnets have been sewn into the curtains where they meet to help ensure privacy. The magnets keep the curtains locked together which also helps keep out light and prevent the rack curtains from opening when snagged at the edges.

Convenience and Utility

We have added secure loops on each of the main curtain panels. The simple innovation gives Sailors and Marines the option to hang water bottles, keys, and just about anything you can hook with a carabiner.


Fire Tested

Our rack curtains have been tested by an ISO accredited laboratory for compliance with ASTM D6413 (see MIL-STD-1623E). The fabric was tested before laundering and after laundering in accordance with  AATCC 135 Procedure IIIB.

Product Innovation

We are constantly getting recommendations from Sailors and Marines on improving our product. Cruise Curtains is always open to suggestions and feedback for improving our rack curtains.