Unit Bulk & Custom Orders

Custom Attachments

 Our team will work with you to manufacturer curtains that meets your specifications for attaching to various rails, rods, and hooks.

Custom Sizing

 We’ve worked with U.S. Navy, Coast Guard, Tankers, and Cargo ships to create unique curtain solutions that fit just about anything. This includes L-shaped curtains, walkways, and window coverings. Our team is standing by to help you!

Custom Embroidery

 We’ve done custom embroidery for just about anyone that asks for it! We will help you create your design or use your existing one and make it a reality with our affordable embroidery option. Our team is standing by to help you!

Custom Nomex

 Yes, we also quote bulk orders of custom nomex curtains! These curtains are 100% sourced and made in the USA in accordance with the Barry Amendment. They are in full compliance with MIL-STD-1623E / MIL-SPEC-24500 and are the standard on what you find (or need to replace) on any U.S. Naval Vessel. These curtains also come standard with zinc T-slider tape, so reach out and get your bulk quote today!

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