Officer & Chief Stateroom bunks can either be “2-High” or “3-High.” If a bunk is “2-High” then it will have a rack curtain at the foot of the bed as well as the length. If this is the case, we recommend purchasing the “Stateroom Foot Blackout Rack Curtain 2-High.” If the bunks are “3-High” then you will only need the “3-High” rack curtains. Please note that our “3-High” rack curtains will not be deep enough to use on a “2-High” rack. If your bunk has a built in fan, you will want to purchase the additional “Fan Notch Blackout Curtain” which conveniently attaches to the fan with velcro to block any additional light.

Premium 2-High Curtains

Premium 3-High Curtains

Still not sure which rack curtains you need?

Type of Rack

We designed our rack curtains based on the dimensions of the rack frame. A “2-High” refers to two racks stacked on top of each other with an open space at the foot of each rack. A “3-High” is divided into three and does not have an open space at the foot of the rack. A “4-High” measures the same as a “3-High.”

Berthing Area

The racks found in E-6 and below berthing spaces are often narrower because of the storage locker “coffin” beneath the mattress. Each of the racks in the E-6 and below berthing spaces are more than likely the “3-High” or “4-High.” The racks found in Officer/Chief staterooms don’t have the storage locker.


In most cases, Marines and Sailors will be in the berthing space designated for their rank. E-6 and below will be in the enlisted berthing. Officers and Chiefs are in staterooms. Stateroom racks can vary from “2-High” to “3-High” without a storage “coffin” located beneath the mattress. Officers that are an “O4” and above will usually share a room with one other or have a room to themselves and will not require any rack curtains.