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Stateroom Blackout Rack Curtains 2-High




Each of the two panels include the following:

  • 46″ long x 33″ high and specially designed to prevent gaps with loaded pockets
  • 5 Sturdy fabric loops
  • 3 large storage pockets (15″ wide x 15″ deep)
  • 3 medium see-through mesh pockets (8″ wide x 6″ deep)
  • 6 small hidden pockets
  • Quiet magnetic closure
  • Durable double stitching
  • Blackout fire resistant fabric
  • Curtain track button sliders for easy installation

*Designed to fit racks 70″ long and greater*

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1 review for Stateroom Blackout Rack Curtains 2-High

  1. Alfred

    Made by the people, for the people. With the mindset of improving ship life. This is a remarkable improvement to ship rack curtains that I’ve seen in the past. Great material and gives you plenty of pockets and gadget storage options. The ship spaces are notoriously tight making everything hard to reach, not anymore. Not to mention a better price than the competition.

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