Amphibious Dock Landing

Officer & Chief Staterooms

Officer & Chief Stateroom bunks can either be “2-High” or “3-High.” If a bunk is “2-High” then it will have a rack curtain at the foot of the bed as well as the length. If this is the case, we recommend purchasing the “Stateroom Foot Blackout Rack Curtain 2-High.” If the bunks are “3-High” then you will only need the “3-High” rack curtains. Please note that our “3-High” rack curtains will not be deep enough to use on a “2-High” rack.

E-6 & Below

E-6 & Below will often bunk in a shared space with racks stacked either “3-High” or “4-High.” Both types of racks provide the same amount of space. To make it easy for you, you cannot choose the wrong rack curtain here since they are the same size.

Still not sure which rack curtains you need?

Type of Rack

We designed our rack curtains based on the dimensions of the rack frame. A “2-High” refers to two racks stacked on top of each other with an open space at the foot of each rack. A “3-High” is divided into three and does not have an open space at the foot of the rack. A “4-High” measures the same as a “3-High.”

Choose the rack curtain for your rack type.

Berthing Area

The racks found in E-6 and below berthing spaces are often narrower because of the storage locker “coffin” beneath the mattress. Each of the racks in the E-6 and below berthing spaces are more than likely the “3-High” or “4-High.” The racks found in Officer/Chief staterooms don’t have the storage locker.

Choose the rack curtain for your berthing area.


In most cases, Marines and Sailors will be in the berthing space designated for their rank. E-6 and below will be in the enlisted berthing. Officers and Chiefs are in staterooms. Stateroom racks can vary from “2-High” to “3-High” without a storage “coffin” located beneath the mattress. Officers that are an “O4” and above will usually share a room with one other or have a room to themselves and will not require any rack curtains.

Choose the rack curtain using your rank.